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Evening and Overnight

E&A Freedom Center
2555 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10468
Phone: 646-386-6400
Shanita Grafals, Director
Byron Bowen, Co-Director
Day, Evening and Overnight Care
(Evening and overnight care for ages 2 months-12 years)

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    We are open 24 hours a day.
    Evening and Overnight care programs are available for children ages 2 months-12 years.
    We provide a flexible schedule so you can use only the hours you need. We have new computers, TVs, toys, games, evening activities as well as meals and snacks. Our hourly rates are reasonable and HRA vouchers are accepted.
    Child Care Assistant On Duty for Overnight/Evening Care Only: Maritza Gonzalez
    Overnight/EveningCare Hours: 6 p.m.-5 a.m.
    Traditional Day Care Hours: 6 a.m.-6 p.m.

    Parents/guardians of children to be officially enrolled in the Overnight/Evening Care program must fill out the appropriate paperwork. A current medical examination form that reflects updates on immunization, as well other pertinent information regarding each doctor’s visit must be completed by the child’s pediatrician.  Other forms include but are not limited to an emergency contact form, napping/sleeping arrangement and other permission forms.
    Sample Schedule
    The Overnight/Evening Day Care Schedule:
    6 p.m.                       Ms. Gonzalez greets evening program children; Children’s supplies, backpacks and/or food identified and taken out for use         
    6:15 p.m.                Dinnertime (full, cooked, nutritious meal provided by the facility)
    6:45 p.m.                Diapering, toileting, clean-up
    7 p.m.                       Outdoor walk or playground, weather/daylight permitting;  If not possible, indoor activities will be scheduled
    • Homework help, if needed    
    • Movie time                   
    • Drawing/coloring with paper
    • Reading                                    
    • Table manipulatives       
    • Quiet free time
    • Computer time
    7:45 p.m.                    Evening snack or light dinner
    8 p.m.                           Diapering, toileting, clean-up
    8:30 p.m.                    Personal hygiene as agreed upon between the parent and assistant (brushing teeth, washing face/hands or bath;                              changing into night clothes if length of stay is applicable)
    8:45 p.m.                    Bedtime story – time to wind down
    9 p.m.                           Bedtime
    9 p.m.                           For those not ready for bed, cannot sleep or waiting to be picked up, there will be the following age appropriate evening 
                                            activities  ( materials and equipment provided):
    • Computer time              
    • Movie time                   
    • Drawing/coloring with paper
    • Reading                        
    • Table manipulatives       
    • Quiet free time
    Dismissal                    Anytime between 6 p.m. and 5 a.m.

    Sleeping Arrangements
    Children over 1 year old will be provided a cot (which stands on 4½-6-inch legs) on which to sleep or nap. Parents may provide their children with their own sheets and covers. Children under 1 will have a crib to sleep in and be placed on his or her back unless medical information is presented to the provider by the parent that shows that is inappropriate for that child.
    There are two day care rooms in which to place sleeping children. Ms. Gonzalez will make a decision regarding the appropriate placement of sleeping children within the two rooms. She will use an electric monitor whenever not present in the room, so long as all parents have given written permission. Ms. Gonzalez may sleep while the children are sleeping as long as she has written permission from every evening/overnight parent in the program. In the event she has not obtained permission to sleep, she will remain awake at all times and physically check sleeping children every 15 minutes.
    Children will only be released to his or her parents or guardians or other persons designated to pick up as requested by the parents/ guardians. Children are not allowed to leave the program unsupervised.

    Visitor Procedures
    All visitors must:
    • Show ID upon initial visit
    • Sign in upon entering the facility, including entering the date and time
    • Sign out when leaving, including the time of departure

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